Happiness Is...

A warm dog

On a suddenly sunny April afternoon, I went to the park with two friends and their new young dog, Noah. Having only ever had hamsters as a child, I never experienced the effect of phenomenon animals. Noah has his own playmates whom he chases around the park until it's time to go home. If they tire of the running games, puppies will settle for a bit of wrestling. Placid and amicable, puppy play exudes a true sense of calm satisfaction. As I and the owners watched, I became entranced by the tumbling aggression played out with perfectly-controlled temperment. In that furry embrace, I saw something - a glimpse of Happiness.

Sunshine on Flowers

Living in these temperate climes, the late afternoon sun lends a warm touch to a world that's already glowing.

Seeing Spring for the First Time in Years

Dancing for Tourists in the Middle of Nowhere

Eating Food in Different Places

This is Indonesian food at its best; Masakan Padang.